Global Logistics

Global Logistics

Getting Your Products Delivered

Logistics is the lifeblood of any global trading company.  MBG Trading has a highly experienced and extensive logistics department that moves cargo all over the world on a daily basis, ensuring not only the most competitive prices on the market, but the quality service that our customers demand and expect.


Ocean Freight

We work with all the major shipping companies and can ensure that we work with the companies that best suit our customers needs while always focusing on obtaining the best prices available.

Refrigerated Trucking

Whether refrigerated trucks or dray companies to handle door to port transfers, our logistics department handles hundreds of individual refrigerated trucks on a monthly basis. We ensure that we use reliable trucking companies and owner operators that will ensure timely deliveries and keep our customers products in optimal conditions.


Export Certificates and Sanitary Documents

Our logistics department handles all documentation required for the proper shipment and importation of the products our customers require. We process and review all documentation from our suppliers and work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that all documents are correct and delivered in timely fashion.

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