Who Are We

Who We Are

MBG Trading is a boutique meat and foods company that was created in 2016 with a vision to change the way our industry operates.  Focusing on using technology to enhance not only customer and vendor experience, but also to improve efficiency, precision, and making business transactions simple.  Although to change an industry takes time, we focus on making the trading experience with our company a different one.
With a focus on technology in the meat trading space, we look forward to being able to provide our customers and vendors the ability to review what available options are best for the company using their metrics.  We also aim to be able to show our customers and vendors the carbon footprints their sale or purchasing decision has.
An informed and accurate sales and purchase transaction is a successful one. We firmly believe that if our customers and vendors are successful, in turn so will we.  This allows us to bridge the divide between producer, customer and end user.  The development of trust between us and whom we do business with is the key to a successful partnership and to our ability to build our business in the future.

Products and Services

We specialize in meat based products for various industries.

MBG Trading provides our customers with varied options for their protein needs, in the pork, poultry, beef and seafood categories.  We are able to serve customers in the processing, distribution, food service and retail industries.  Not only are we here to sell the products the customer needs, but to also help the customer in making the best decision for them, using our experience, industry knowledge and international network.

Food Products

We are able to source a wide variety of quality meat products, be it commodity cuts, processed, value added items in the pork, poultry, beef and seafood categories.  These items are tailored to the food processing, retail and food service industries.

Research & Market information

With over 20 + years of experience in the protein trading industry, we have a keen insight into the industry, the producers and tertiary markets and are able to provide valuable information to our customers to help them in their buying decisions.

Logistics Services

Our company also has a vast network of transportation, cold storage and inspection facilities and experience in physically transporting perishable product from origin to destination.  We  ensure timely deliveries, maintaining optimum product conditions as well as processing the legal documentation required to successfully import the products to their final destinations.


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